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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Zambia - Mormon Helping Hands

Each LDS Ward or Branch or organization within them is encouraged to do service projects throughout the year.  Once a year there is an effort to do something a little more major and try to involve other civic or religious groups in helping too.

This year the missionaries participated in cleaning up and painting the Matero Police station.  Matero is a neighborhood of Lusaka where there is a local branch of the church.  They meet in a home that has been converted into a meeting house.  The church has property not far from where they meet and has just gotten approval to start building a chapel.

This is a nice feeling to be part of the community.
This photo is of the completion of the project when the authorities "accepted" the work.
Kristi and I got to attend a nice dinner that night where the District President was thanked for his effort.