This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Update - Changes

Changes are never too easy, but we have less than a month to go in Zambia, so change is necessary as well as inevitable.  Below is Elder Venter from South Africa.  He is my replacement as financial secretary.  I am not too worried, as he is very bright, but what does worry me is that he goes home in June so the next training period will be pretty short for the next Elder.  You will notice that the office is moved around as it was time to "let go".

Below Kristi and I are with the Elders that we trained, Elder Cahill and Elder Venter.
They will be split up and each will get a new companion to subsequently train.
The reality of leaving Zambia is slowly sinking in.

Another big change was the creation of the Zambia, Lusaka Stake.  The first stake in Zambia.

This is our new Stake Presidency.  That is President Harrison Lumbama in the centre and on his right, first counselor Blessings Mushala and second counselor Chris Chansa on his left.  In the next few months the reality of the big task ahead of them will sink in.  They are all great men so I have full confidence in the future of the church in Zambia. 

This was our branch presidency of the Woodlands Branch for the past year.  Anthony Mulenga in the centre as president and Chikumbe Banda on his right and Elastus Chishala on his left.

Woodlands is now a Ward with Bishop Banda, Elastis Chisala as 1st C. and Sianga Chizoka as 2nd C.

Here are some of the missionaries on Stake creation day.

We were invited to watch a Polo X match as the season was starting.
Below you can see the umpire throwing in the ball to start the chukka.

It was fun to watch the action and see all the beautiful horses.

Here are Sisters Frimpong, Rakotonindriana, and Elders Nakale, Mojaje, Cahill and Venter.
Elder Mojaje was on his way home.

I love trying to sneak out of town a ways to find a little nature to relax in.

The weaver birds are back at building fresh nests.

I was happy to finally see a Malachite Kingfisher.  They are so colourful.

We eat out occasionally.  Since it was our granddaughter's birthday, we took a photo to show her how we celebrated without her.

When anyone comes to the mission home the guard calls me and and I greet them.  This day we had a young lady selling fresh fish.  I didn't buy but she was gracious to let me take a photo.

We were happy to be invited for dinner at the Van Heerden's home.  Bro. Van Heerden manages a very large portion of a huge conglomerate corporate farm.  They have two sons living in the USA and a son on a mission in South Africa.  Their daughter, Anna, is a physical therapist in Lusaka.

We had a broken stove that had been repaired a couple of times and I thought it was time to replace it.
The stove found a new home at Robby's house.  He assured me he could get it fixed easily.

Robby cleans at the mission home and has been working on his new home for two years.  
This past week he finally got electricity hooked up.

You can see his wife is thrilled with their new appliance.
Notice in the corner is the little charcoal stove on the floor that most families use.

Robby had this ceiling fan installed two years ago.  
Today the electricity was hooked up and he turned it on for the first time.  It worked great!

Some things don't change as I still want to see as many animals as possible.

 ... and I haven't changed my hairstyle in two years.  
This is Loveness, she has cut my hair every month.
That is one more thing I don't want to change, but change is the only constant.