This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Thursday" in Zambia

In America this particular Thursday was also known as "Thanksgiving Day!"
Below, Elders Bodily and Humpherys are carving the six turkeys.

Since all the senior missionary couples in Lusaka are from the USA, we decided to share with the young missionaries what an American Thanksgiving dinner tastes like.

This year everyone got together just before dark at the Lusaka chapel cultural hall.

These are three of the five that did all the cooking.  
That is Sisters Cindy Bodily, Sharon Bingham, and Kristi Skidmore in the photo above.

Below you can now see Sister Shauna Humpherys but I never got a photo of Sister Erickson.
On the right is Sister Browning, she just arrived straight from the Provo MTC the day before.

The young Sisters were pleased with the meal and happy they didn't have to cook that night.

Here the Elders were slowing down after seconds.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I went for seconds forgetting that pies were waiting for us.
It was interesting that when a couple of Elders were asked what kind of pie they wanted - they asked, "Is it chicken or beef?"  We had to explain about sweet and fruit and PUMPKIN!

Below Kristi is serving Sisters Scott, Rakotonindriana and Bulha.

To round out the evening nicely, Sisters George and Rakotonindriana sang.  Part of it was in French which is Sister Rakotonindriana's native language.

Now if a nice event is taking place and your wife is cooking for a day or two, then all you have to do is put on an apron and you will get at least half the credit, even when it is undeserved.

It is a good ruse that I am sure my boys have picked up.  :^)