This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Making a List - Checking it Twice!

Zambia is getting ready for Christmas.
Clearly, Santa is making his list of the naughty and nice.

I think Elders Hinckley and Jena and Sister Kristi will make the nice column.

In fact,  I believe these folks already have a check by their name.

I think the naughty list is for whoever plastered campaign posters on EVERYTHING in town.

They will be seeing coal in their stockings on the 25th.

I doubt if Santa will miss visiting these kids.  Plenty of nice as they jump the rope.

This lady turned out to be the same age as her husband again.
He is just hoping 49 roses will put him on the same nice list as her.

We checked out the new burial site for past President Sata.
We ran into some of the young men from our branch.
They seemed really nice to me.  No naughty here.

They even thought President Sata would be on the nice list,
 but I expect someone else will determine that.

We found "The Cenotaph" in town.  
On top is the empty sepulchre to honor the war dead from Zambia.

The local cathedral was also very nice.

This girl can be naughty but this year she is really trying.
(Because Christmas is close)

I might be a little naughty for starting another big puzzle that fills the living room.

When you finally level out a dirt road and dig some drainage, that is nice.
But what do you call the street sign in the middle of the block that is named, "Untitled Path - 18"?
Seems sort of naughty to me.

These two lovely ladies came to see me and they were especially nice.
I was a bit naughty by telling them we didn't need to rent their new flat.

The fellow in green is the guard at the Mass Media flat.  He thought everyone was nice because he got a broken washing machine to take home.  Elder Shabalala was nice to worry if Daniel would be able to ride all the way home with it.

This Rhino beetle is really nice although he looks naughty.

We caught these cousins eating a nice meal in the middle of the day.
That is a very typical meal of nshima, relish and some beef ribs.
If you look closely you will learn how to nicely eat Zambian style.
Don't be naughty and suck on your fingers.

I found a whole church full of genuinely nice people gathered for District Conference.

I am a little naughty when I think the best part of the conference is afterwards.

These children all got a "gold star" next to their names on the nice list.
They just put on a great Primary program for the rest of the branch.

No naughty people in the photo below.  This is the brand new Masala Branch near Ndola.
Just last Sunday they nicely went from the "group" to the "branch" column.

The fellow below sort of looks like the Grinch!
He tries to be nice but every once in a while the naughty comes out.
I hope Santa will forgive wanting to wear a coloured shirt once in a while.

So if Santa checks the list twice maybe he will catch me like this photo below because of this really nice lady that doesn't give up on anyone that got coal last year.  I'm trying -  honest - Santa.