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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who Are These People?

Who are these people that just read a blog from around the world and then collect goggles and send them to Zambia?

They look sort of normal, maybe even "all American", but really haven't they got enough to do?
(This photo was taken several years ago). 
 I got it off Facebook after this lady asked me to be her friend.  

  Her name is Aimee Patton and she is the mother of a missionary serving on the other side of the world and not even in Zambia any more.   I thought she just wanted to be involved with him as much as possible - she must be lonely or sort of bored at home. (?)

I could not have been more wrong.
Every day I am again reminded that there are truly GOOD people in the world.

Aimee Patton has a few other things on her mind.

It seems Elder Patton has a younger sister named McKindree.  (He has never mentioned her.)

McKindree and Elder Patton's mom, while gathering and sending goggles, has been taking care of her husband Jye and the other two children while helping McKindree deal with a bone marrow transplant.

It appears there has been lots of support.
The theme they have used just drips PINK.

Can you wonder why?

This has not been a short diversion for the Patton family.  It started in 2010 when McKindree just kept getting ill more often and her immune system wasn't keeping up.  Their life was being turned upside down with tests and procedures until this past summer when McKindree spent 14 weeks in a hospital enduring a bone marrow transplant.

I am afraid I didn't even know what a bone marrow transplant involved and thought it was a simple procedure and not too invasive.  I was wrong and my thinking has changed.

So, what is the big deal?  The big deal is if you check out a couple of web sites you will get a glimpse of what a SUPER MOM does when she loves everyone. 

But mostly what a mom does when she can't step in and take the pain for her daughter. 

This mom has organized...

She has gone beyond herself to bless her daughter's life.

But she has even gone beyond that and has tried to bless the lives of everyone around her.

If you don't believe me you can check out several web sites and become a "Kinny" stalker like I did.

There is McKindree's blog where she tells her own story 
but you will find some gaps when she is very ill:

There is a site where donations can be made to help the family with some of their expenses:

There is a blog kept by Aimee Patton on the children's hospital website:

I must admit I am a bit of a skeptic and wonder if some people can deal with so much and still be on the lookout to bring love and joy into other peoples' lives.  If you look closely at these sites, you will notice that the Pattons have enlarged their family to include so many of the people who have touched their lives while McKindree is fighting to regain her health.

Most significant for me is that I do not get off the couch much, and when a missionary who returned home challenged me this summer to do the "ice bucket challenge" or donate - I chose to donate to "Kinny's Kause".

I checked with that missionary and he said it was OK and I didn't need to post a video.

So - Who are these people I have never met?  
They seem genuine, sincere, loving, motivated and are a text book case study on how one family chose to live their lives and support their daughter.  They have asked nothing of me except to pass out a few goggles to help men on the other side of the world.  They have never mentioned McKindree or just how proud they are of their oldest missionary son.  I am the one who peeked and discovered,
 and have been inspired to do more with my life.  (even passing our goggles).

I thank you Patton Family for moving one old guy one notch closer to thinking beyond myself.