This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Missionaries - Just Everyday Life

My friends at home think I just goof off and chase wild African animals.
I do tend to post a lot more photos of animals than missionaries, so I will throw in some of my everyday encounters that really make this experience rich.

These are the leaders of the mission that had a two day conference here a couple of weeks ago.

This was Sister Fuamato and Sister Natsala's last Sunday in Lusaka before heading to the Copperbelt.

Here I helped take missionaries to the airport who were heading to Malawi.

I talked about the dry season and what do you know, we had our first big rain shower this week!

Here is a familiar scene, the Assistants to the Mission President are trying to balance their working fund on my desk rather than having it ready when they come to see me.  Elder Allred was short 200 kwacha and it took Elder Jorgensen, his companion, to go through the whole week before they figured out where it went.

We had a good time meeting the new Member Leadership Support couple as they passed through Lusaka.  George and Carole Beal will be serving the next eighteen months in Blantyre, Malawi which is part of our mission.  We hope to see them again in February at a couples' conference.

This was when I was at the bus station putting two Elders on the bus to the Copperbelt.

This is Beauty Shamanga with her young niece, Emily.

Zambian bumble bee.

Here are the young men I meet with on a Sunday.  Shuko is the President in the blue tie.

Sister Vea headed home to Hawaii after eighteen months.  
She is a powerful missionary and fun to be around.

Here is Sister George and Sister Rakotonindriana.  They are both Sister Training Leaders.

This is Elder Hawkins from Reading, England.  In this photo he has just awarded me a lapel pin with a Zambian flag and the British Union Jack.  His mother sent them to him and he has given them out rather sparingly to those who "inspired" him.  I felt rather privileged to get one.  It was especially nice for me as those two flags represent the two countries where I have served a mission.

I think Elder Hawkins liked the sayings I have on the wall in my office.  I will have to take a photo of them as they have helped me, and helped streamline the work I do in that office.

So you see Zambia is not just photos of animals, but most of my time is spent with young 19 to 23 year olds who try to keep me young.  Everyone of them is fun, motivated and focused on the work.