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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zambia Dresses Up For 50th

Zambia gained its independence from the British on 24 October 1964

It has been fifty years of growing up…
and maturing and planning for the future...

Zambia has earned the right to be proud of her accomplishments.
The government took the day off and got all gussied up for the festivities.

The FREEDOM statue was a place to pay homage to those who paved a path to independence.

The colors of the flag could be seen everywhere.

It is the common citizens who make up a democracy.
This man showed his loyalty not only to Zambia but to the current president. 

Every town had its own celebration.

Many showed their pride by dressing up in new clothes made especially for the occasion.

We took pictures of the many styles.

Everyone was creative in their own way.

Even if they used the same material it all looked totally different.

The men joined in the display too.

We caught many children heading to the city center to join in the celebration.

Many were happy to have their photos taken.

Some were engrossed in the ever present cell phone.

Others just radiated the holiday spirit.

Some were away in their own thoughts and music.

This dress displayed a map of Zambia.

What a great display of nationalism.

The materials were varied.

The styles were varied.

Some went with their friends.

Some with proud mothers.

Into the center gathering spots they went...

The boys had special shirts.

Maybe some HAD to wear what their mother had made?

Some just embraced the idea and ran with it.

With a new dress, everyday is a happy day.

However, modern Zambia keeps in touch like the rest of the world.

Sisters just show off their patriotism.

Crowds gathered for many different events.

It was a perfect day to fit in a good game of football.

Some towns gathered for music by the river.

Combies got in the action by showing the national colors.

Occasionally it was evident that some patriotism could have solved a bad hair day.

Even just a new chitenge could be enough to display some national pride.

Below you can see that Mom only had time for new skirts and and pink and red were natural colored tops to go with them.

Of course work never stops, even when outfitted for the holiday.

Sister Skidmore and I feel very loyal to Zambia but somehow didn't think we would blend in wearing the Zambian flag.  Kristi was given a Zambian umbrella by a local restaurant to get her ready for the rainy season around the corner and so she could show her Zambian spirit.

We stopped by the Jubilee arch on the way to the airport and took a selfie.

But maybe I went a little too far trying to be Zambian in my new work clothes.

Don't worry Zambians.  I will only wear this at home.
Here is to another 50 years of Zambian growth, harmony and PEACE!