This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Improve the Shining Moments"

"Do not let them pass you by"

Once again we were privileged to pick folks up at the airport.  This is Elder Howard and Sister Cindy Bodily.  They just arrived from Arizona to carry on the humanitarian work here in Zambia and Malawi.
Don't they look happy and excited to start helping people!

The next day Pres. and Sister Erickson were back in Lusaka to welcome them properly.

My latest "shining moment" was the new campaign of introducing Mountain Dew to Zambia.
There are promotions and signs all over Lusaka to try to entice Zambians to have this fluorescent green shining moment.

I took the plywood table from the Binghams' flat and improved the sisters' flat with that dining room table.  Below is the table and chairs the Binghams had made for their flat.
Shining moments everywhere.

Elder Bingham brought this shining orb to show me in my office.  That is not string but a ball made out of real rubber from a rubber plantation in Malawi.  It is pretty bouncy and my moment was improved.

There was a leadership conference for the mission this week.  Look at all the shining vehicles!  When twelve clean, dent free cars show up at the mission home the Vehicle Coordinator experiences one shining moment.

Of the 24 young leaders attending, these sisters obviously improved the shining moment for the two days of training.  Below are Sisters Proctor, Orr, Nxele, Bulha, Vea, Lyon, George and Rametsi. 

I thought this golden orb below would be the ultimate shining moment for me.  It is a new fruit to me and looks really delicious - sort of like lumpy apple sauce.  It is called a "Monkey Orange" or "sangole" in Nyanja.  The outside was really smooth and hard.  The fruit comes in sections.  Each section had a seed in it and I thought I could pop it in my mouth and get all the pulp off.  However, the pulp would not separate at all.  The juice had a new flavor that had a hint of clove and definitely citrusy, and then not much lasting flavor.

I suppose that monkeys eat them but I don't need to try it again.  I do imagine an elephant might enjoy popping one in its mouth to crush and have it squirt before it goes down?  I will improve this shining moment by buying a crispy apple from South Africa.