This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grace School, Lusaka, Zambia (pt.1)

Elder and Sister Lyle took on a project to help a school that is only one and a half miles from the heart of Lusaka.  Here is Elder Lyle leading me down to the school.

These are a few photos Elder and Sister Lyle shared with me of the school when they were told about it by some of our missionaries.  The water tank belongs to a neighbor.  The school had no water.

This classroom stayed pretty dry but looked a little dangerous with just one stick holding up the roof.
I am not certain I would want my child trying to learn there.

Mud block walls that melt in the rain. Few desks and paper and pencils are a rarity.

The school charges a few kwacha to attend and much of the income goes to acquiring more building materials until improvements can be made.  This is another classroom.

Here I am with a class in one of the pretty nice classrooms but here are two blocks and a board for a desk and the rest used a grass mat to keep organized.

The black board is clearly inadequate and the walls work just as well.

This corner classroom is slowly being added onto.  In the meantime about 15 to 20 eighth graders use it sitting on boards and planks.

This is Elder Allen Lyle with Frank the principal of the school.  This is his office.

In the photo below, Frank was happy to show me another classroom

This class room held the youngest students.

Where would you start?  What are the guidelines and restrictions that Elder Lyle has to work with?
You must realize that this school is not unusual.  There are nicer schools and they vary by the economics of the parents and how much they are able to pay for each child.  However, this level of schooling is the most prevalent and you can find another one about one or two kilometers away in each direction.  There is not enough money in all of Zambia to solve this problem country wide.