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Monday, July 21, 2014

Highway Market to Kasama, Zambia

Traveling north towards Lake Tanganyika we came upon a greater number of walkers than usual, then all of a sudden there was a gathering and a large market along the side of the road.  
We had stumbled on to Market Day!

You can see the major "highway" isn't more than a simple tarmac strip.
We pulled over and tried to blend in to the shoppers.  Surprisingly, commerce was in such a busy state that we weren't much of an attraction after the initial stopping.

The market was just spread out along many paths that reached into the "bush".

Chitenge's are always a popular item with the ladies.

Salt is essential.  Behind are homemade sifters for the maze you hand grind or pound.

This lady had tobacco blocks that had been dried and packed in bucket containers.

I don't know how all the goods arrived there.  We had the only vehicle in sight.

Those orange sticks are soap. The sticks are scored and you can see the smaller lengths you could also buy.

Kristi doesn't think I should post this next photo but openly feeding babies is just part of everyday life outside of the big city and often in the big city.  
Americans have a lot of hangups and make everything sexual.

Here is a larger type of kapenta or dried fish.  She also sells fresh onions.

We wandered checking out the vegetables and fruit.

Tomatoes, eggs and fresh scones.  That bowl of batter shows an anticipation of even more people visiting throughout the day.

Pots and pans and cutlery were popular.  Metal or plastic, your choice.

Unlike being in asia, most of the bending is done at the waist.

I must say I had never seen these before.  It looked like dog poop but I think it was some sort of small fat eels, sun dried, or maybe bullfrog tadpoles. (?).  Caterpillars are starting to look really good to me.

Kristi found a couple of chitenges to use as table cloths and soap.
We passed on the sugarcane, goats and chickens.  We had to hurry to catch a boat before the sun set.