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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shopping in Ngombe

We wanted to show Brent and Rebecca all of Zambia but there just wasn't enough time.
It was time to go shopping in Ngombe, which is not far from the Mission Home.
I asked Jackson the guard if he would show us around after we met with him and his wife Precious and her brother Jonathan at their home.
Here we are starting off on our stroll, but with big cameras and not hiding the fact that we were tourists.
(Not that we didn't stand out any way)

This is a typical quiet street with residents on the main street trying to make some money as "traders".

The homemade rag rugs were the first to catch Rebecca's eye.

This young man just bought some beans and the lady trader was ready to sell us some.

We finally arrived at the "old market" which has never accommodated cars.
You can see the sun was getting low and things were starting to slow down.

There was still plenty of "village" chicken available.  Chicken is a staple of many meals.

Many Zambian women have a very beautiful quiet dignity about them, even when shopping.

The market didn't bother this little tyke, totally relaxed.

These two had just been helping out at the wax display.

Tomatoes, little eggplants, and okra.

This well stocked merchant was flashing us prosperous hand signals.

A little of everything but those are caterpillars on the left then kapenta or small dried fish on the right.

Here are a variety of chitenges for wrapping around women to keep them clean while working.
The green on the left are plastic bags rolled up for sale.

Here is some sausage and some fish that is being arranged for a more appealing display.
The pom poms are used to keep the flies off.

Tomatoes, onions and greens are a staple.

We just moved along and took photos and chatted.  It really was a pleasant time at the market.
Rebecca got to take a lot of photos but I think Brent was a little uncomfortable because we just couldn't blend in, no matter how hard we tried.