This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ngombe Village Life - Fun?

Life in Ngombe seems quite pleasant and I was sure we could find happy people.
Of course Rebecca and Kristi were happy just to be together and walk and talk.

This lady thought they were a little out of place but mother and daughter didn't even notice.

Shopping is serious business and I never find it "fun".

These boys got to be together but I am not certain they would call it "fun".

"Only God Knows wholesale" is something I hadn't considered.  I suppose retail is for the rest of us.
Eggs at wholesale don't seem to be moving when everyone has their own chickens.

There cannot be much fun about a butchery.

When we got to the "new" market, business seemed a little slow.  That is not fun.

Obviously, avocados are not a hot item or the hot pot of goodies cooking.

The hardware store was open late for emergencies but not much action here.

Thankfully, "God's Gentle" with haircuts and there was a little business there, but I wouldn't call it fun.

Gingerly making your way across the mud is not fun, especially with shopping and a child strapped to you.

As darkness approaches it is time to clean up and put everything away.  Not fun.

It looks like this barber and hair salon has changed products but not many customers.

This is one of Ngombe's public wells.  Not fun.

Ah! Finally!  The village champ is whooping the little kids at draughts.  Fun for him but I am not certain about the losers.

Here is a younger version and the skills seem to a little more equal.  More fun happening here.

Families are gathering together at the end of the day and with a Karem board, they are having fun.

This young man had a great kite but needed a breeze.  Potential fun.

Here was some great fun as the neighborhood kids competed in jumping a stick over and over.

Hanging out together seemed like fun for most kids.

Pretty soon it seemed like the most fun thing to do was to follow and talk to the muzungu's.

They had lots of questions and so did we.

I thought this was a sight you don't see too often.  I am not sure what it has to do with fun but it was on our tour.  As a missionary, I have been thinking this is evidence of some of the negative things introduced to Africa over the years by missionaries.  Maybe half the population doesn't agree. (?)

We got back to the truck as it was getting dark and I think that we found plenty of fun in Ngombe.
Ngombe is made up of families and neighbors living life like everyone else.  They live a little closer together than I am used to, but because of that they seem to look out for each other and all the children a little better.  You can certainly obtain all the essentials for life right here.  Things that could be improved are running water and flush toilets for better health.  Secondly, I would like to have access to better medical care and supplies.  Having these two items lacking can sort of keep the lid on fun.

One of the things I have learned in life is that religion can open doors to more "fun".  Well maybe fun isn't exactly the word I am thinking of, but close.  Religion, and a belief in Jesus Christ and his atonement, brings not just fun, but pure joy.  Joy in living, and joy in faith and hope for the future.  
Peace and joy comes into my life when I listen to the spiritual promptings that are available to everyone.
When that happens I sometimes call that daily joy - fun.
Go have some "fun" today!