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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mothers Without Borders, Zambia (#2)

 Rebecca really wanted to visit "Mothers Without Borders," it is located near Lusaka, Zambia.
Rebecca has a lot of friends and church members in Livermore that wanted to donate "something" since she was traveling to Lusaka.  Brent and Rebecca brought several suitcases with dresses, shirts and flip flops.  Josephine, the onsite social worker,  indicated that they could use them.  Here you see some of the simple play dresses on the girls.

These girls were just happy for a gift and visitors.

The boys got white shirts which they will wear on Sundays.

Rebecca was happy to help even this little bit and to actually meet the recipients.

In reality, the best help is to donate cash.  Mothers Without Borders is a nonprofit organization.
If you are interested I have pasted the web site for it where you can donate.

This second web site is to friend them on Facebook where they have a boutique sale of Zambian items every once in a while.  If interested - check it out.

You will need to copy and paste the web address on to your browser.

Lunch was almost ready.  It is kapenta, or little dried fish that is sort of re-hydrated, along with green beans.  This will be the "relish" to go along with nshima. 

We took a tour of the school.

And the dorms.

We found one young man just sort of chilling on his bed.

Next the boys got the drums out and started to beat out a great rhythm.
Notice they had to put down the sugar cane they had been chewing on.

Then the girls all lined up and entered the stage dancing.  
Each girl had a turn to show off her moves.  I must admit it was mesmerizing.
I noticed the boys paid close attention.

Next all the boys entered the stage together dancing.  Then all but the two drummers took a turn and showed off their moves.  The older ones were a little more athletic but they all took it very seriously, and the girls were very attentive.

I tried to imagine my grandchildren being so uninhibited at a family reunion and showing off their solo moves.  I am putting them on notice that when we return they will need to be ready.  
Dancing, and feeling the rhythm can be such an expression of joy.  
So grandkids, get ready to express yourself.
(That is -  in a positive happy way)
We're going to DANCE!

Brent enjoyed showing them how good their moves were.

On the left is Josephine Daka the social worker here.  On the right is Innocent Sunsiwilla the director and also the branch president of the Lusaka Branch.

We said good-bye and Rebecca stopped by a shop that sold chitenges to take home as a table cloth.

One last stop at the mission home where Kristi and I spend most of our time and then off to the airport to send Brent and Rebecca home to their busy lives.  It will be a year before we see them again.