This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Victoria Falls - Zambia

Here is a stock photo that lets you understand the geology of the area.
The mighty Zambezi spreads out trying to penetrate the rock, but the softer rock runs perpendicular so that is the weak spot, and then it finds a breach in each successive band to make fifteen or more gorges so the water zig zags until it moves on being the life force of the middle of Africa again.

The local name for the falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya or translated - "the smoke that thunders".  It is not the highest falls or the widest falls but it claims to the the LARGEST falls based on height X width, or the biggest sheet of falling water.
Below you can see our first glimpse of "the smoke that thunders" from a little known lookout tower. 

Getting closer you can feel the power and the spray.

The trail goes along the rock opposite the falling water.

We rented rain parkas to try to stay a little dry and protect the cameras.

When the wind blew in our direction it was just us and the wet elements.

From the highway bridge where bungee jumping takes place the view is spectacular.

Rainbows show up everywhere due to the heavy mist on sunny days.
Notice on double rainbows the second one is a mirror of the first and the color order is reversed.

This was really Kristi and my second trip to the falls.  We visited with an overnight couples conference back in February.  I feel a little guilty because the young missionaries will not be visiting - we don't really talk with them about some of the recreation we get to do.  I hope they don't read this blog.  :^)

In February I took an ultra light flight over the falls.

It was like being in a postcard.

I loved every minute of it, but it was entirely too short.

Besides seeing the falls, we could see hippos and wildlife from above.

But it is only on the ground next to the water that you feel the power.

Your mind wanders about the dangers and the stories that could be told from over the years.

Kayaking would be great but the risk is 100 percent.

Rebecca had to put her feet in.  I don't blame her.  It gives you such a feeling of being connected to something greater.

Another sunset on the Zambezi, just above the falls.

One of the reasons we coordinated the date of Rebecca and Brent's visit is that we have been vacationing with two other couples every two years for quite some time.  We first met the Griggs and Oborns while serving in the Air Force in Germany in 1974.  When we meet, it is as if we just saw each other last week.  This was the year we were to visit Africa but we begged off for some reason - so the Griggs and Oborns scheduled Africa without us and we ended up turning in papers to serve a mission.  Well, Africa turned out to be on our itinerary anyway.

You will notice the Oborns are not in the photo.  Lynn had a heart attack one week before the trip and was in surgery before Elaine could get to the hospital.  They are very grateful that it happened before they were midway over the Atlantic.  Lynn is doing great and they are planning on coming to see us here next year.

So, what could be better than family and friends and a world class tourist destination?

I am afraid I will bore you with the next post of lots of African animals, but folks, that is what Americans think of when they think of Africa, so I am almost obligated to share.