This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Friday, April 18, 2014

New Computers?

Often we are caught up in other peoples' decisions that affect our lives.

Here is a small and trivial example.
It "was time" to replace all the computers in the Mission office.
I had just spent ten months trying to learn Microsoft again after joyfully switching to Macs to make my life easier.  Finally, I was sort of comfortable in doing my job.  But no, it "was time" to replace and upgrade.

I asked for Macs but the folks in South Africa just laughed and said there is no support for Apple in Zambia.  Once I had the correct specifications and bids I bought 4 new computers and waited for the experts from South Africa to show up and install them.  In the meantime they finally agreed to replace the fifth computer in the office, the only computer that had any issues at all.

Famous last words: " Don't worry, we will be in and out in a jiffy" and "we won't leave until you are trained and feel comfortable."

Here is a very nice man, Graham Walker.  He has taken over my office for one full week.
It seems my computer is the master for the other four with lots of other switches and programs that are still a mystery to me.


This is Dudley Vorster, below, at Kristi's desk.  She wasn't able to get anything done for a week either.
Graham and Dudley have worked together for eighteen years.  They speak a different language, and I am not talking about Afrikaans.  "Computer speak" is the most frustrating language, as you can pronounce the words but the meanings are not remotely related to any definition you had relied on your entire life.  Dudley was entirely too cheerful during this painful operation.

Everyday, we were assured whenever we asked a question, that ALL would be explained in the training we received before they left.

The last day arrived.  Finally, late that afternoon I sat at my desk and started down my list to see if I could just access my usual tasks.  After thirty-five minutes Graham and Dudley "had to go" to check out some of the other church computers in town.  We were left with upgrades in Microsoft, Outlook, Excel, Word and IMOS.  Nothing looked the same or worked the same.  We all had new printers and it now takes two extra clicks to do anything on them.  I have back ups and more back ups and now I take a removable drive home with me.

Apparently, it "was time" for more learning and more stress.
Now it might just be my generation that shares my feelings.  Notice Elder Packer below.  He is excited to have the latest and greatest and sees the expanded opportunities with upgraded equipment.

I never thought I'd see the day that I was content to just do things the same way, every day.
Maybe that is why some of the missionaries call me "Older" Skidmore rather than Elder Skidmore.