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Saturday, April 12, 2014

How the young Sisters dress

This blog has brought a few inquires from future missionaries about how the sisters dress here in Zambia.  I really hadn't thought about it so I started to notice and asked if I could take photos of the sisters who were coming to our home for dinner.
Sister Rakotonindriana uses a bag that is made locally out of chitenge material.

Sister Lyon uses the recommended shoulder bag.

Sister Vea uses a colorful backpack.

So all three types were being used in the same flat.
I next asked to photograph their shoes.  I don't know how stylish or practical they are but they said they worked well.  Even in the rain the mud doesn't stick too badly.  Everyone walks around the big puddles and the soles just track red into the houses.  I notice the sisters usually leave their shoes on their porch.

Here are the four happy sisters after dinner.  Sister Vea from Laie, Hawaii; Sister Lyon from Morgan, Utah; Sister Rakotonindriana from Madagascar; Sister Gehring from Houston, Texas.

Mormon missionary dress doesn't stand out much in Zambia as the locals dress quite conservatively.  School uniforms and slacks and ties on young men and suits on older men is common.  Women wear very nice  western style clothes but many will still use a chitenge to wrap around the lower half to keep their clothes clean.  (Sister missionaries don't wear chitenges when out).