This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Golf in Zambia

The previous mission president really liked to golf and indicated that along with working hard, we would be playing hard.  I never got to play with him the first three weeks and since arriving it has been the work hard half of the promise.  I felt that strange malady creeping up on me again and decided I needed to take care of my mental health and got up early one morning when the new president was out of town and headed to the Chainama golf course.  It is only fifteen minutes from our house.  Here is the entrance.

There were a group of six or seven caddies watching the road and Jolan got to me first and became my caddie.  We then had to wake up someone sleeping in a back room who had a set of clubs I could rent.
Then I had to buy some balls.  I headed out to conquer eighteen holes without a warm-up or hitting the driving range.  It had only been about a year.

However, for those that have golfed with me, they know that any practice would not help.

On about the third hole I knew I had "lost  one" but Jolan insisted he could find it.
He came out with the same ball.  I would have substituted one or not gone in at all, there are nasty things hiding in Zambia's grass.

As I was getting ready to address a shot I looked down and saw what looked like flowing lead making a path.  I asked Jolan what they were called and he suggested relocating the ball.  They are called "Lead Ants" because that is what they look like as they travel, flowing lead.  He said they sting a lot but I didn't give them a chance.

Whack and he was off to find the next shot.  This round was fun as I just hit a-way and Johan wanted to get back and see if he could pick up a second round of golfers.  I never saw another golfer the whole time and I was still the only car in the parking lot when I left.  It was a very quick three hours and fifteen minutes.

Some of those photos show plenty of blue sky but the clouds were building fast in the east.
As soon as I got in the car the rain started and these were two of my photos heading home to shower before going to the mission office.

It didn't seem like much effort to play eighteen holes, but I slept like this little baby that night, I was worn out!

President and Sister Erickson brought their clubs to Zambia, I suppose on the counsel of Pres. Padovich.  They have yet to use them, but I am sure I can now talk them into it, and I know the phones work well out there.