This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

City Council/Landlords/Flats/Mail

There is always something different to deal with every single day.
I got a call from a flat of Elders that someone had entered into their flat and said they had a court order to remove their personal items.  One of the Elders wasn't feeling too charitable and it almost came to blows.  I got on the phone with them and learned it was the result of the Landlady not paying the City taxes.  The collector was used to sad stories and with his paper in hand and truck and crew they were ready to empty the flat and the neighbors' flat.  He had no explanation why he would terrorize renters and not the owner.

I finally got hold of the landlady's daughter and told her the problem and then headed to the flat to pay the deficiency until it was sorted out.  As you can see, their street is a little muddy this time of year.

Everything was back in the two flats by the time I got there waiting for the cash. The landlady showed up shortly after me with cash in hand and much apology.

The repro man can be seen with a very different disposition holding the neighbors' baby as I was leaving.  The crew was all smiles too as I doubt they really enjoy having to evict their neighbors and local citizens.

These four Elders, Daniels, Lemperle, Mwambu, and Massey were all smiles now that the furniture and fans were back in place.

The landlady was now a little lighter in the pocketbook.  So much time and effort could be saved with a good infrastructure including a postal service with reliable delivery.

Below is the postman that comes to the mission home.  He is the only one I have ever seen.  His motorcycle cannot carry too much.  On this day in March the load was especially heavy as many Christmas cards mailed the first week of December in the States finally arrived.

There are no mailboxes in town.  There are no mailboxes at residences.  We also have a Post Office Box that is a joke.  You still have to ask if you have mail and have to wait while it is checked after waiting your turn in line after fighting for a parking spot.  Many notices and water bills are given to the guards or just left on the gate.  I have never paid a bill by mail.  Rents are paid by delivering a check to the landlord or the landlord coming by to pick up a check or in some cases I take the check to each individual bank and deposit it.  To pay phone or internet or water or electric you go to that business and get a receipt.  Even in writing checks a receipt is an important part of the transaction.  
It is the simple things I am beginning to appreciate more.