This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just a little Hairy

My first Sunday at church I was amazed at all the different hair styles.  Young women, older women and children seemed to have very elaborate and fancy hair styles.  My granddaughters are currently into hair and I took a few photos to pass on.  I have hesitated to post these as it might seem a little creepy for the old man but I just found out their secret so I must pass it on.  I am sure I was the last one to ever figure this out.

The time involved is monumental.

Some results are a little questionable.

Some are sweet, simple but still very time consuming.

Some styles take a little less time.

Some, no time.

Others, I just wondered, "how do they do that?"

Sometimes I said to myself, "these little kids sure have a lot of hair."

Others seemed quite natural.

Then others hair was really thick.

Some just simple.

It was just new territory and I knew my granddaughters would be jealous of all the options and styles.

Versatility and variety was everywhere.

These older girls had shorter hair.

I couldn't find one style that was the most popular.  This girl seemed to try them all at once.

This was a very rare site.  Natural pony tail and GREY.  Grey hair just isn't displayed.

I've seen this woman at church many times and started getting a clue.
That hair just didn't seem real natural to me.

I was willing to believe that with chemicals and time this style could be achieved.

But do this girls have the time and money to come up with new styles EVERY week?

This hair is just thick for me to believe and finally I was told that most women have wigs and extensions.

Since I learned this, it has been sort of fun to try to figure out where one ends and the fake begins.

We watched in the middle of a market place hair plaiting in tiny, tiny rows.  They were very fast but it still took HOURS.

I think that is a wig on Clair, the bride.

The men are a little more reasonable and their is only one real style.  GONE!

This fellow sports a style that is very, very unusual for Zambia

At first I thought it could be a wig but I decided the dreadlocks were just sort of nappy.
I think he was a visiting athlete from outside Zambia.

I could shave my head a be more Zambian, but I sort of enjoy being called "boss" or "father".
I am pretty sure that extensions wouldn't work at all.