This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Desperation and Saturday night arrived and I knew I needed to get my hair cut.  I have always said, if I had my way,  I wouldn't shave or cut my hair.  Life is full of compromises.  Although not my first choice it does keep my daughters-in-law from being embarrassed by a old tie-dyed, ponytailed father-in-law in sandals.  At times they have thought I was headed there.

I opted for a barbershop that Elders Stewart and Shurtz told me about not far from where we live.  The photos make it look much bigger than it is.  It was about 7 PM on a Saturday night.  The shop is for both men and women but it was mostly men at this time.  There was only one woman barber.  Most of the men were being shaved, hair and beard with the same electric razor.  I had the cashier take my photo as it was my first haircut in Zambia.

My barber had been cutting hair for ten years but only three years in that barbershop.

I told them I wanted to only pay half since I only had half my hair, but that didn't fly.
I was charged 50 K or about $9.25


He used a number 7 and then a number 3 and then sort of a freestyle.  The real disadvantage was he failed to comb it out to trim off evenly.  He just whacked away, like you would with a bush that you cannot comb out.  Well, everything is fine until you start checking and my fringe was clearly an inch longer on one side.  Worst haircut I ever had.  But guess what, no one really knows me and I now know why most "muzungus" have funny looking haircut.

They kept asking if I didn't want to have my hair washed and a massage.  I declined since I figured I was paying enough for the pampering of my precious few hairs.

When I told the Elders of my experience they laughed as the high price included the massage and wash plus nine more haircuts and I get a free one.  Do you think they'll remember me?

It really doesn't matter anymore so I might try a village barber.  I believe the price is 7 K or about $1.25.