This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I ask the Elders in the office a lot of questions, especially about the good places to eat.
They know all the cheapest and best in town.  They know which night is 2 for 1 and which place is the cleanest.  They said this was their favorite place so they took us there and I treated.

I didn't get this fellow's name but he threw in an extra one for us since he likes the Elders.
First you pay him and get two receipts.  One for you and one for the cook outside.  To buy a drink you pay the girl just to the right who has her own cash drawer.  The receipts were stamped on a regular sheet of paper (did I mention that all of our plain paper is not 8 1/2 by 11,  but 8 1/2 by 11 and 3/4) then  the order is written on it; finally he uses a ruler to tear off the receipts that are about 2 inches square.  I take ours to the cook and he gives me a  red number to wait for my order.

Here is the cook.  You know it is clean as he has a hair net.
Notice the jacket, they think it is winter!
The inside store is vacant and they are in the process of expanding to the inside.

Here we are waiting for our number to be called.  Notice that Kristi is at the end of day 5 and still wearing the same clothes.  I was the only one willing to take her home as I was on day 5 also.

Here are the magic ingredients of a shawarma.  
First bake/grill a thousand chicken breasts on a skewer like Brazilian bar-b-que.
Then get a corn tortilla and smear the magic white garlic sauce all over it.
Then slice the tender chicken very finely on the "wrap".
Next a handful of lettuce and a few dill pickles and a large handful of chips or french fries as we know them.  The cook rolls and wraps it all up very neatly and squishes the fries into the mix.  It truly is great!