This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Items

That is me on a ladder.  That is the air conditioner/heater for the house.  Notice the two little grills on either side?  They are for room ventilation and go straight outside.  I counted 32 of them in our little place.  The other couples recommended "Contact Paper" to cover each grill to keep the cold in or the heat in.  Seems to make sense because electricity is very expensive.
I think the biggest benefit is that it is a deterrent to the little critters, especially MOSQUITOES!
(They carry malaria here).

I love to check out hardware stores.  I needed some turpentine so I looked around.  
This is what I found first.  I was shocked.  That is distilled water with a blue label and the yellow label is full of BATTERY ACID!

How does a little kid who lives in a world of plastic bottles know that one of them could kill them?

I found my turpentine, well, sort of turpentine, again in a similar plastic bottle.

I don't want any kids drinking this either.

This  bottle is just plain water from our fridge.  These bottles are everywhere.

Soda Pop bottles look the same.

The place below is a modern fast food outlet serving chicken and hamburgers.
There are no bathrooms available but they have a basin and water to wash your hands with.

Our shawarma place also has this set up but with a small plastic tank with a spigot and a plastic bowl underneath.  We have one on our back porch.

Now if they had bathrooms we would all be watching to see who washed their hands in public.