This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MTC Weekend

As Senior Missionaries our P-day or preparation day is on Saturday.  The youngun's have their p-days spread throughout the week.  We first met with Marjolyn and Leon Kirkman, Kristi's sister and husband who will be staying in our home while we are gone.

Leon broke his ankle eight weeks ago and this was his first day of putting weight on it.  They will be heading to California in a week or so.

These are some friends from Clayton who moved away about twenty to twenty five years ago.  Jack and Carolyn Theler and Dave and Janet Troxel.  We had lunch at Thanksgiving Point.  
(Notice the badges).

This is my sister Diane.  I consider her a traitor to all our parents taught us.  She had the nerve to move to Lehi, Utah from the golden state of California after living there all her life.  

Surprisingly, she looks pretty happy in this photo despite the lack of judgement.  We have never agreed on much over the years.  I always thought the porch light should be switched on and off when she was on the porch with a date.  I also thought that if I locked the front door and chased her with the garden hose to the door, I could help her get her hair washed before her date.  It seems she thinks I let her parakeet out so the cat could eat it too.  If there is anything I have learned here at the MTC, it is that "families can be together forever".  I didn't mention that principle when she graciously had us over for a delicious dinner on Sunday.

This is the scene of half the room after a Sunday evening fireside.  I am continually inspired by these young men and women.  It is truly marvelous to watch them interact, speak different languages wherever they are, and study in every nook and cranny.  I feel privileged to be in their presence.  Earlier that day was a Sunday MTC Conference.  Each branch also has their own Sacrament meeting and there is a meeting for those leaving the MTC this week, and then later there are showings of Legacy and other videos, some in the foreign languages where they will be going.  Being busy is a key to a productive life.

We keep running into this handsome Elder.  The grey haired lady that follows me around waves her arms wildly and this shy kid lifts his fingers about an inch across large halls to just keep her from yelling out --  "That's TYLER, my GRANDSON".

He posed for this photo hoping that perhaps she'd stop, but his district has bets.

I said earlier you should notice the badges we are wearing.

I have had a real aversion to badges until now.  I just couldn't bring myself to wear one in a local Stake calling.  Val Stratford and I went two years as missionaries in the twelve step program without wearing them.  Whenever the subject came up I couldn't help quote the fine young man in the movie, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre".   BAADJES?  BAADJES?  WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' BAADJES!!"   
I need to see that  movie every few years just to hear that line.
I think it is hilarious.

Well,  I told you my heart was beginning to change.  Wearing these badges was the only real rule that the Senior Missionaries were asked to comply with.  No one said more than that, and since I had signed on for the whole "E" ride ticket I knew I would comply.  I found out it isn't hard at all.  In fact, it feels sort of comfortable.  Perhaps I will grow into the fact that I am wearing the name of Jesus Christ on my chest.  Let's see what two years of obedience will do to me.  Perhaps I NEED the badge?