This is a quote from "Hillel the Elder" from the first century. (I thought I was so original!)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Time to Clean the Garage (after 30 years)

I love my garage.  It is the start of projects and the catalog of leftover items from those projects.
We have never had a car in it since the first day it was finished.  I raised the door an extra six inches so we could get our 1977 Blue Dodge van inside, but the day I tested it was the only day a car was inside. I did keep the boat in there for many years until I tricked my son-in-law Brent into buying it from me.  That event was one of Kristi's happiest days of our marriage.

Kristi thinks I like to keep EVERYTHING.  It really isn't true, but it is fun to rediscover items from the past.  Someone just might need it later on.

This suitcase was full of costumes I had worn as a kid.  I dyed the long johns red and wore them to high school for some occasion.

                       This is the holster set and guns that I got for my fifth christmas from Santa.  
                         The ruffle sleeves were from a church dance festival in Santa Rosa 1963.

Kristi actually got a little teary eyed when I said we should toss out the puzzle board we used from an old crib.  We have used the crib-end to put puzzles on so we could move them in our first apartment when it was dinner time.  (We now have more than one table)  It has been used over forty years, and very handy.

                                                     We uncovered the boxes of wheat.  

There are still over 3500 lbs of wheat against the wall.  We have given a few boxes to our kids when they would agree to take it.  The wheat is a symbol to me about obedience. We had tried ever since we were married to follow the words of the prophet and have a storage supply of food.  It always gave me comfort that we were never told we had to eat it, : )  just have it for emergencies, local or personal.  When we started to finally put on our first addition it was only on faith as we didn't have but a little extra money each week.  After the footing and garage floor were poured I thought we were spending money that we could use for food storage.  My Dad and I took our step van (the SWAT truck) to Sacramento and canned wheat all day.  It was close to 4000 lbs.  We loaded it up and headed home to unload it in the middle of the new concrete.  I built the garage around it.  It delayed construction a week as I had spent the money on wheat, but there it sits.  We used a little last year and it is still very good.  We've told the neighbors where it is.